Are you Frustrated by The Limitations of The Traditional Health and Fitness Career Path?
Traditional health and fitness career Paths are limited, especially the ones that offer BOTH financial success and Time Freedom. If you have been involved in the industry for any length of time, you will quickly learn these 4 limitations.
  1. Service based businesses are limited to time for money exchange.

The first roadblock you’ll run into. Ultimately there are only so many hours in the work day. Most fitness professionals are working “less than ideal” schedules. I know because I am one of them, but am growing beyond it. Getting up at 5am and leaving your last client at 8 or 9 is no way to live your life in the long haul. You quickly become a prisoner of your own success.

  1. Business Ownership adds income, but brings with it significant overhead and Liabilities.

This is the next way to grow and is the path most successful “producers”
Follow. It will transform your income form the double digits to six figures and above, however you will have significant overhead, Lease agreements, equipment purchase, employees, etc... IF you are lucky you’ll find key people to delegate to. If not, you’ll find yourself with a job you can’t walk away from. If something happens or goes wrong, it’s your butt on the line. This is not a bad thing; in fact I did it and am successful. If you are a business owner, the great news is you have a greater sphere of influence and clients you can leverage into customers. You can do what only a very small percentage of business owners do-maximize “back end” profits.


  1. Clients Often Drop Off From Using Services, Move or Reach Their Goals and No Longer see the value in ongoing service.

Eventually clients leave. That’s inevitable. They stop training, you stop making money. They move away, you stop making money.  They reach their goal and decide to continue on their own, you stop making money. There are so many limitations here. If you’re only FRONT END FOCUSED on delivering services, you’re really missing the bigger picture.


  1. Long Term Fitness Profession also comes with Physical risks to the trainer- if you get hurt or can’t go to work the money stops!

I hate to say it, but better reading about it here then paying for it later. Do you have insurance? Do you have coverage for getting paid if you’re injured? What does your insurance consider disability? A lot of things can go wrong that are out of your control. Smart people are preparing and have a plan. If all of a sudden you stopped being able to deliver services or manage your business, would you still have money coming in your bank account?


Other Risks To The Fitness Entrepreneur
Burnout, never seeing your kids, never having freedom, living a life of mediocrity, always compromising what you want for what you can afford to do. Never gaining both financial success and time freedom. And that’s if you “MAKE IT” with traditional career path. Geesh!

Worst case is you leave with the industry you’re already so passionate about because you never find out how to make it AND do what you love to do.

Here’s the Good news: You have a tremendous opportunity to grow beyond these limitations if you are willing to learn something new and take action. Contact Us Today!



Mark Haas, NCSA-CPT, Founder