Our Personalized Program
Based on education... geared toward graduation!

There is a very high level of dissatisfaction in the fitness industry, and the reasons for that are many. The two main reasons I believe people fail in a fitness program is because they are unbalanced or under educated in fitness, and or they are unclear of the trainer/client relationship. Often there is too much emphasis in one area and not enough in another. Question? Would you rather do a lot of physical work and get minimal results, or would you like to learn a little, sweat a little and get dramatic results for a life. Learning how to balance physical activity, exercise (yes, there is a difference), and your diet will make your journey easier and most importantly everlasting.

My program is 12 weeks long and is based on education and is geared toward graduation, as much as you like me and I like you, I don’t want to see you 3 times/ week for the rest of your life. I want you to learn how to keep your best body for the rest of your life, not just 12 weeks. My program is aimed at eliminating common pitfalls, filling the voids in your diet, and giving you a clear path to success.

Depending on our initial assessment we will determine how many 12 WK terms will be necessary in order to for you to reach your goal, and next we will implement my proven 5 steps to success.

1. Define… what you need
2. Find… your starting point
3. Design… your program
4. Implement…the program
5. Asses… every 21 days

I have personally trained hundreds of Atlanta area natives and my program is fun, interactive, one on one, and if followed in its entirety, guaranteed to work! Each individual program is designed and tailored to your individual needs and goals weather you are a seasoned athlete looking for the competitive edge, or you have never seen a treadmill before, I got something for you.

If you are not convinced already, read some of my testimonials and check out my before and after photos… please excuse my photography, I am working on that!

It takes 21 days to make a new habit automatic. So, are you ready for your first 21 days? Contact Mark Now!


Mark Haas, NCSA-CPT, Founder